We value diversity and the rights of individuals



Wilson & Scott is committed to developing a diverse, equal and truly inclusive workplace and community and do so by valuing, celebrating and embracing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI). Through recognising the benefits of EDI, we believe excellence can be achieved in terms of service delivery and employment practice.

Our aim is to have an environment that respects and values difference, where everyone feels welcomed and confident to be themselves. To this end, we acknowledge the following basic rights for everyone who works for us, relies on our services and who we contract or partner with to be:

  • Treated with respect and dignity
  • Treated fairly.

These rights carry responsibilities. We require all our stakeholders to recognise these rights and act in accordance with them.

Our EDI Values

  1. We value diversity and recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge and insights that will benefit all.
  2. We respect the rights of individuals, including the right to hold different views and beliefs. We will not allow these differences to be displayed in a way that is hostile or degrading to others.


Dealing with Discrimination

We have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment (including bullying), and victimisation of any individual. It is contradictory to our values and commitments. All allegations of such behaviour will be investigated, and appropriate action taken.


Wilson & Scott complies with the Equality Act 2010 and understands our duties under the Act and the protected characteristics detailed within the act. The company seeks to fulfil this commitment by ensuring that our policies, training and development reflect the principles laid down in this statement as well as our obligations under all legislation and EDI best practice.

The company Board of directors has overall responsibility for ensuring we operate within the statutory requirements of the Equality Act. The Managing Director and the Senior Management Team have overall management responsibility.

All employees, service users and contractors/ service providers have a duty to support and uphold the principles of our EDI Statement and its supporting policies.

This statement and it’s supporting policies will be reviewed annually and as and when any legislation or company changes occur.