Monday, 08 November 2021 / Published in News

A catch up with Ethan Wheatley

Apprenticeships are one of the schemes at the heart of Wilson & Scott’s operation. Learning line marking requires a very much hands-on approach, and the opportunities we have for young people joining the workforce is at the forefront of the industry.

I caught up with our most recent apprentice, Ethan Wheatley, to see how he was getting on while preparing for his final training towards his NVQ. Ethan has been with Wilson & Scott for just over a year, coming straight out of school, and following his dad (our Senior Operations Manager) Lee into the trade.

We spoke for a little while before Ethan started his first job of the day, which was to line the end of a cycle lane. I could tell from his enthusiasm that Ethan really enjoys the work and skills he has learnt. He spoke highly of his mentor Steve, who pushes him to achieve the very best in his work as well as teaching him ways of working that have endured the test of time as being the correct, and most efficient, processes which deliver the high-quality results we are known for.

Furthermore, Ethan stated that he found the lining he has been doing very rewarding, as he can see the positive impact the finished lines have on road users as well as being a satisfying job to undertake.

I wish Ethan all the best with achieving his qualifications and am certain that with his determination and right attitude, he will work his way through our company with pride.

If this article has piqued your interest in applying for one of our apprenticeships, then please head over to the vacancies section, or get in touch.