Wilson and Scott


Wilson and Scott was established in 1952, and has since grown to become one of the largest Line Marking companies in the UK today. Our founders helped set the industry standards, and we continue to shape and develop initiatives that position us as the leading line making company in the UK.

Today, we maintain a fleet of over 100 Line Painting vehicles and have a constantly expanding staff-base, as well as always investing in new technologies.


Early Starts

After leaving school at 16, joining the RAF, and then working in road marking, Jim Scott left the company he was working for to start his own business -bringing his friend and colleague Les Wilson in on the venture too.

6th February 1952

King George VI Dies

A few days after the infant Wilson & Scott got their first contract with Westminster council, the King died. All work was called off and the company faced a very tough beginning.

12th March 1952


On the 12th of March, 1952, the company was incorporated, becoming Wilson and Scott (Highways) Ltd. From this point forward, Wilson and Scott has become one of the largest, and the fastest growing, line marking companies in the UK.


Bought by R.S Clare

R.S Clare bought out Wilson & Scott in 1960, with the Scott family retaining a stake of the ownership ever since.

Late 1960's

Steve Scott Joins Company

After proving himself in the city working in foreign exchange, as well as having a successful disco company, Steve Scott joined his father's firm; working his way from an operative to Managing Director, and today, Wilson & Scott's Chairman

1970's - 1990's

Equipment Manufacturers

Wilson & Scott started manufacturing road marking equipment. This side of the business grew substantially, branching out globally with major markets in the Middle East and North America. Steve Scott would visit these countries to sell equipment and train operatives throughout the '70s and '80s.


Move to Poyle

The fast growing company moved to a depot in Poyle where it stayed until 2011, then moving across the street to its current HQ.

12th March 2002

50 Years of Wilson & Scott

Wilson & Scott celebrated 50 years since its incorporation. A great milestone, with a wealth of history to show for it.


25 Years of the Blue Line

Wilson & Scott celebrated 25 years of marking the blue line at the London Marathon. Something that the company still does, one of its longest standing contracts!

12th March 2022

70th Anniversary Onwards

Having 20 more years under its belt, Wilson & Scott continues to deliver outstanding line marking services across the nation, now celebrating its 70th year; with continued successes through a suite of ISO certifications and further ambitions for the future. #wearewilsonandscott

July 2022

A Milestone RIDDOR acheivement

We have completed over 2 Million hours of work without a RIDDOR reportable incident.

June 2023

R S Clare 75th Birthday

R S Clare celebrates its 75th anniversary, an amazing milestone.