Wednesday, 01 November 2023 / Published in News

Neil and Luke came to the rescue of a motorcyclist and his passenger when they were line
marking in a carpark in Royston, Cambridgeshire.

The motorcyclist, Mr Griffiths explained, “I had a friend on the back of my bike as a pillion
and had become concerned as she was becoming unresponsive, I pulled into the car park at
the side of the road. I was unable to get her to respond to verbal communication.

In front of me was a Wilson Scott HGV with two men working on the markings of the car
park. I shouted at these men, and they immediately came to my assistance. I explained my
predicament to Neil, he told me he was a trained first aider and began assessing the
condition of my friend on the back of my bike, whilst Luke phoned for an ambulance.
I cannot put into words just how grateful I am to your guys, especially Neil who was calm,
collected, and effective. Had your guys had not been there I really do not know how I’d have
dealt with this situation.

They are a very good ambassadors for your company. Please be kind enough to give my
heartfelt gratitude and thanks to them both”.

Great work Neil and Luke, the team at Wilson and Scott are proud of you.

Friday, 03 March 2023 / Published in News

Wilson and Scott recommend the National Highways Traffic Alerts Service for Road Users.

If you are planning a journey on the National Highways Road network, then look at the National Highways Traffic Alert service which highlights current incidents on their network that might have an impact on your journey.

Simply visit; and select the road network you intend to use, you’ll see immediately if your planned journey is compromised, therefore enabling you to plan another route.

Current incidents are shown on a map using a red warning triangle symbol. By clicking on the red triangle symbol, you get further information about the incident.

You can also sign up to their Traffic Alerts service by clicking on “Register” to receive information on the roads you plan to use, and receive updates as your journey progresses, for example.

Wilson and Scott now use this service throughout its organisation as part of its continued improvement in customer service, and in addition, by reducing travel time between projects helps reduce its environmental impact.